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Barbara Gordon
Her fingers flew over the keys of Delphi, as Barbara began searching the FBI's violent crime division's database of serial killers with a religious bend. A crease ran between her eyes as she saw page after page of data show up. "Religious killings have been very popular since the Crusades and witch hunts," she said to herself. "So it shouldn't surprise you that they still happen in the current day." Still what she was hearing from Huntress and Nightwing disturbed her more than she cared to admit. It was even more disturbing than the converging timelines she was now at the center of. For some reason it seemed perfectly normal for her to be talking to more than one Dick Grayson, Black Canaries, and multiple versions of the two very different Huntresses. She had to wonder if it was a parting gift from Brainiac.

"Huntress," she said switching her awareness to the Huntress in California. "I'm contacting Zatanna now. Also the police do not have the rosary beeds. This isn't the first time they've gone missing from the scene either. But when they are found, if it's the same guy, the eyes of Christ will look like they've been stitched shut."

"Zatanna," she said as she switched to another stream of thought. "You need to get in touch with Nightwing, Huntress or Black Canary about a murder in San Gabriel. They think magick was involved."
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Barbara Gordon
30 May 2005 @ 09:40 pm
Oracle looked up with a bright smile on her face as Alfred set a cup of fresh hot earl grey on the desk besides her. "Should you be at the Manor now that Bruce is back?" she asked her oldest and dearest friend.

"I still feel the need to look after you and Miss Helena," the brit said taking up an empty glass that had rolled onto the floor past where Oracle could reach it in her wheelchair. "Master Bruce has been in a bit of a snit since his return."

"So you're avoiding him as much as Helena is?" The red head chuckled darkly as she noticed the alert of Delphi's screen announce that Huntress had returned coming in the from the main entrance no less, and she wasn't alone. "Speaking of the devil or his daughter, Helena just arrived."

"Then I shall see myself out, Miss Barbara. I know that she wants you to meet her young man, and I don't want to be in the way. Have a good evening."

"Good night Alfred," she gave him a hug as he headed out the rear entrance to the Clocktower.
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Barbara Gordon
While Canary is away, Huntress is investigating a new drug that seems to be taking the city by storm. Reports of violent and aberrant behavior have been linked to the substance, as well as one documented OD taking place at a local high school. I've scanned a sample of the substance, and found that it includes botanical as well as chemical attributes. All the ingrediants seem to reduce the user's inhibitions and might have hypnotic attributes that allow for the user to be subseptable to suggestion.

Tonight Huntress is watching a group of kids associated with the OD, while Robin and Batgirl go undercover to see where the kids are getting the stuff.

Suspected involvement by Poison Ivy for botanical ingredients...
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